How to get paid Udemy courses and coupons for free.

As you must have understood by reading the post title "How to get paid Udemy courses and coupons for free". 

Yes, Inspired by thousands of experts and instructors in over 60 languages, Udemy is a more than just an online platform, it's a new way to approach life with brand new perspectives. So, today I am going to tell you about how and where you can get paid Udemy courses and Udemy coupons for 100% free.

So, let's get started. Follow the steps given below to get Udemy discount coupons for free.


The first resource is Discudemy, I have also provided link of the website above. You just need to jump on the website.

STEP 1: If you are looking for a specific tutorial. For example, if you are looking to learn Social Media Marketing, so just click on the search button and write Social media Marketing and press enter. You will get a list of the courses. 

STEP 2: Select the course you want to learn. In all the courses you will be able to enrol at no cost.

STEP 3: After selecting any of the course, you will get a new page opened  where you will get the basic information page about the course you have selected, then you have to scroll down and click on 'Take Course'

STEP 4: You will get like this. Click on the link, you will be directed to Udemy official page.

STEP 5: If you don't have an account on Udemy. Just sign in and enrol yourself for free. 

The next resource from which you can get coupons for paid courses of Udemy for free is the Real discount

Real Discount

So you just have to click on the link above or you can write Real, and you will land on the site.
Steps to get Udemy Coupons:

STEP 1: After landing on the site you will see a search bar, you can search for any course you want to pursue without thinking of the cost.

STEP 2: You will get the list of the courses, related to your search. Choose the best one.

STEP 3: After selecting the course, here again, you will get basic information about the course, just click on 'get coupon'.

STEP 4: You will be directed to and will found the course for free. So, just grab the opportunity.

So, these are two resources to get the premium courses of Udemy for 100% free. I hope after reading this article, you will definitely get the idea of getting paid Udemy courses and coupons for free. If you found this article helpful, keep reading posts and let us know in the comment section.

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